Unsafe Sex in the City

Are you feeling nervous of going to a GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) Clinic? Here is a BBC Three documentary about people visiting a GUM Clinic in Manchester:

To view all four three videos, please click here. We have added subtitles to all four three episodes to provide access to the Hard of Hearing.  Welsh subtitles and BSL interpreted versions to follow.

Series 1 – Manchester’s “The Hathersage Centre” GUM Clinic

Episode 1:
In this episode, meet Courtney and her friend Danielle and Kirvin and his friend Joe for their sexual health screening. Also meet Adam and Tim who have a rapid HIV test at the LGF now known as the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender foundation.

Episode 2:
Meet Gay porn actors, Lloyd and Skylar who have a sexual health screen before a porn film shoot. Also meet with friends and rappers Francis and Jarmian who go for a sexual health screen. We meet Heidi who thinks she has a 10% chance of having a baby, following an eariler STI and advice from her GP. Housemates Marissa and Martin find out why Martin is itching at night.

Episode 3:
Meet friends Ben, Roo and John, who are friends with Abi and Danni who go for a sexual health check up. Long distance relationship partners Adele and Eddie get her results. Lesbian couple Alex gets a check up and tries Dental dams with her partner, Aimme. We also meet gay man Dan for a checkup who is also HIV positive.

Episode 4:
In this episode we meet Jasmine who is hoping to have gender reassignment operation, Gary who has unsafe sex with girls he meets online. The clinic’s outreach workers visit a local college. We also meet gay couple, Dom and Lucas, Lucas is HIV- but Dom is HIV+ but has his viral load become undetectable? Adam and Jo get tested before they decide to stop using condoms.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Passion Distribution.



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