This testing kit is free within England and you can also be tested for Syphilis at the same time. The testing kit is similar to the PreventX kit.  This requires a blood sample for analysis to be posted back.

To order your testing kit, please visit once you have received your testing kit in the post, please watch the following video, we have added English subtitles for the hard of hearing.  If you want Welsh subtitles, please click on the settings clog.  Unlike the PreventX kit, FreeTesting.HIV offers a test for syphilis as well.

When your ready to complete your test, please watch the following video.  Subtitles in English have been added for the Hard of Hearing.

We will be reviewing this test and providing a BSL version as soon as possible!

Should you find that does not offer testing in your area, you should be able to request a 15 minutes testing kit from the Terrence Higgins Trust.